Ayantu Tolesa

Ayantu Tolessa

My name is Ayantu Tolesa Hunde

I am 44 years old. I am not married and have no children. I was born in Aira District, Around 5 km South of Aira Town. During my childhood I lived in Aira

I started my work at Aira Hospital as an assistant nurse(Auxillary Operation Room Technician) in operation theater (undersköterska på kirugavdelningen). In this position I worked for 11 years

During 2006-2009 I studied Clinical nursing (sjuksköterska) from the level of Assistant nurse at Aira Nursing School

After I finished my Clinical Nursing study in 2009, I passed my COC Exam (sjuksköterske legitimation) in 2010.

With the help from EDUF I will continue my studies to the level od BSc nurse. Typically that would be a specialization but this continued education is rather a general training. It will give me knowledge to care for critical patient more efficiently and also I will get involved in clinical decision making.

The time of study varies from 4-5 years depending on the university. I am looking for a summer program which will contain a number of months at some university every summer during probably 5 years.

Thank you for all your help.

Ayantu Tolesa