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People are suffering 

 There are not enough competent medical personnel in poor countries. The consequence is serious complications, birth defects, long-term suffering and, at worst, death.

What we do

 We collect money for the training of medical staff. It is better and cheaper with education locally than sending people from the Western world. The applicants must accept a specific number of ”duty years” after graduation where there is a lack of resources.


We currently have scholarship holders in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Malawi, South Sudan and Uganda.

How we work

The scholarship applicant is granted a loan for education and living expenses during the education 2-5 years. The loan is depreciated successively during the ”duty years”. Training locally is cheap. The cost is about 20-30 000 SEK / semester incl. all costs, such as study material, rent, food, travel, computer etc.

Who can get the scholarship loan

We collaborate with experienced Swedish hospital staff with local experience, but also with foreign staff such as hospital managers and professors. They suggest suitable scholars. To receive a scholarship the applicant must have experience from the area, though not necessarily a formal exam. We prioritize areas with shortcomings and are happy to see female grantees.

How do we control

A reliable person – many times a Swedish doctor with international contacts – becomes a contact person. The contact person receives the money to pay the university and reimburses the grantee for living expenses. At least one member of EDUF’s Board meets the grantee face to face in their environment if possible. The members of the Board are unpaid and pay themselves for all the administration, travel cost, printing, postage etc. EDUF is controlled by an authorized auditor and the county administrative board

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From countries other than Sweden:


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