Your help

Are you also fascinated by Africa? Do you have a connection with any of the African countries or do business with them? Perhaps you would like to help and support these African women so that they can help their country, themselves and their families?
The non-profit organisation ‘Educational Microloan and Scholarship Foundation’ collects donations so that nurses can train to be midwives, specialist nurses and doctors. The few women that do manage to do specialist training often leave the country after their training to seek more lucrative jobs.
This means there is a shortage of doctors and specialist nurses in the poorer African countries.
The women that we put through specialist training via our stipendium programmes all have to sign an agreement that they will stay in their new jobs for several years.
This means a win-win situation, a win for the women and a win for the country.

This appeal is aimed primarily at those travelling to Ethiopia and visitors to the hospital in Aira but we have also have scholarship students in other African countries that need support. We also hope to attract support from other people and organisations that support our aims.

This appeal is spread by personal contacts, post and e-mails. Donations are sent to our Bank Giro account. Please note on the donation your name and address so that we can thank you and keep you informed about our progress and the progress of our scholarship students.

Not a penny for administration’ is our motto. All donations to our fund go directly and un-diminished to education and specialist training, primarily in Ethiopia but also to other developing countries lika Tanzania, Malawi and Kenya.

We are especially keen to contribute to women’s education wherever possible.

Assistance is given in the form of an interest-free loan or grant. Normally the recipient of a loan is not required to repay the loan as long as he or she has worked for the required period at one of the remote hospitals that have difficulties attracting nurses and/or doctors.

After several trips to Ethiopia and visits to the Aira hospital in 2009, Gerry Rönnmark and Jan Thews decided that they wanted to do something to help and facilitate self-help for health-care workers in the country.

We make it possible for motivated and clever employees to enter specialist training programmes so that they can become nurses, midwives and doctors. In this way they help their country and themselves.

Swedish Bank giro 616-5690
Swedish Swish number 1233716065.

From countries other than Sweden:
IBAN: SE54 6000 0000 0007 3655 6362

Please give your name and address so we know whom to thank.